EH expands his sound and reach with ‘Fierce’

The release of a record can cause vibrations throughout a scene that transform the landscape from what it was, much like a fault line shifting by a single inch can cause an earthquake. In truth, those moments are rare, but when they do happen, they are worth remembering and celebrating. ‘Fierce’, the new singly by Baltimore rock guitar ace EH, featuring former LA Guns vocalist, Scott Foster Harris, is such a moment. Powerful, dynamic, and unwaveringly entertaining, this stunning display of poise and ability is a single that I hold in very high regard. The song walks us back through the nostalgic flavors of the seventies when glam rock, hard rock, progressive, art rock, and heavy metal achieved enormous amounts of success.

In particular, ‘Fierce’ is evocative of early Black Sabbath with the crushing chord progressions, the angular guitar interludes, and Scott Foster Harris’ highflying vocals. The song triggers an emotional and aural shift, unlike anything that we have seen before from EH. This is the sound of an artist sharpening his teeth on a classic sound rather than cutting them on some bland nu-metal spin-off.

Building on the foundations of his previous superb instrumental work, EH steps up to the plate to end all step-ups. This is a monster of a track that will overshadow every heavy rock release produced around about now, and finds EH’s sound rubbing shoulders with the legends of the past, almost overnight. More than anything, ‘Fierce’ is simply cut from a different cloth to the corporate junk rock radio currently feeds us.

There is just something about the power of this track that consumes the mind and ensnares the senses. Many have attempted to replicate this sound authentically, but many more have failed. The buoyant aggression, the deliciously guitar-driven pace, and the raucous but sophisticated vocal attitude, work together in perfect harmony to deliver music that gets the fist-pumping as much as the mosh pit swelling.

‘Fierce’ squares up to you and demands your attention, before grabbing you by the throat and leaving you gasping for air. It jumps between explosive bombast and soaring melody seamlessly, sometimes so subtlety that you don’t even notice.

You only start to notice the intricacies scattered throughout, on the third or fourth listen. This is a piece of forward-thinking retro groove, and perhaps that is the reason why this sound has stood the test of time so effortlessly.

Whether this song was released back in the day, now, or even 1o years from now, the reaction from rock aficionados would be exactly the same. That’s how you know ‘Fierce’ is something special. Some music has the power to transcend the times and the trends that dictate the direction that the music industry goes, and this single falls squarely into that category.  The track should also garner EH exceptionally larger audiences than he has been used to entertaining with his instrumental releases.

Instead of resting on his laurels, the Baltimore based axe-man Eric Hall aka EH, has expanded his sound and reach with ‘Fierce’, while he keeps writing songs with staying power, with passion, with gravitas, and with a renewed sense of vigor.


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