Lyrics Of Two – “Now’s The Time” – You will be fully cast under its spell!

As is usually the case with any Lyrics Of Two song release, the highlight is usually the songwriting. The band hailing from Los Angeles – and captained by founder, songwriter, lyricist, poet, and author Marie Helen Abramyan – continue their time-honored tradition of delivering heartfelt confessionals, albeit with more psychological complexity and maturity than ever before. They also enhance their knack for emotional storytelling and skillfully woven narratives. The themes of living life and experiencing love with all its pros and cons are fully explored on the band’s latest single “Now’s The Time”.

Like all Lyrics Of Two songs, you can fall in love with this track almost instantly, but to really appreciate it, requires multiple listens when you will be fully cast under its spell and recognize the intricacies of its writing and production. At first, you will be taken in by the powerful and nuanced vocals, which exult the storyline and fit comfortably into the rock-influenced Americana musical backdrop. The male lead voice effectively oscillates between deep and plaintive, and heightened and roaring, neatly following the song’s momentum.

Lyrically, “Now’s The Time” is filled with stunning details that evoke vivid imagery, while also inspiring and uplifting the listener. Marie Helen Abramyan, who wrote both the lyrics and music for the song, also took care of the arrangement, as well as designing the cover artwork.  The song presents the kind of emotional mood-building and thoughtful narration that is a big part of what makes Lyrics Of Two’s songs so ambitious and breathtaking. Beautifully performed, artful in its writing, and thorough in its production. There is a lot to like here.

“Now’s The Time” is also a rare song where the repeated chorus gets more intense and more meaningful each time it’s repeated as the protagonist’s convictions become more powerful. This song is a superb example of Lyrics Of Two’s abilities as storytellers and songwriters. “Now’s The Time” is a breathtaking concentration of all that Lyrics Of Two have done so well on their previous releases: The meaningful narratives, the bleeding emotion, the meticulous wordplay and the wholly affecting production.

“Now’s The Time” is undeniable in about a half-dozen exciting ways, most of which make this song a catchy, singalong earworm. At the top of her game and riding her greatest songwriting inspiration to date, Marie Helen Abramyan writes and releases what she feels and wants, which in turn somehow surprisingly coincides with listeners musical tastes and desires. With this single, she ascends further into the pantheon of songwriters who consistently deliver songs, which are hard to resist.

Then again, Marie Helen Abramyan and her project, Lyrics Of Two have this all figured it out, considering the band has had a slew of radio chart-topping, award-winning songs to their name, including “Mysteries”, “Summer Song (Hey, Hey)”, “California Loving”, and “Shut It Down”, among others. Lyrics Of Two already have a growing international fanbase, while their music is on constant rotation on radio stations around the world. The new single “Now’s The Time” will only enhance and accelerate those trends.


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