The Music Therapy Experiment’s “Islands of Kindness”: A Musical Voyage of Compassion

The Music Therapy Experiment has unveiled their latest single, “Islands of Kindness.” With John Kline at the helm, this musical endeavor takes you on a mesmerizing journey through a tapestry of styles, blending jazz flavors with fusion. The experience is simultaneously calm yet kinetic, complex yet accessible, improvised yet structured, raw yet sophisticated – the metaphors for life’s experiences and the intricacies of relationships abound within this musical piece, while the liquid, crystalline tones and the searching motifs of Dr. John Kline’s guitar are ever-present.

Behind the scenes, Mark Christianson and John Kline embarked on a spontaneous and collaborative creative process in the studio. Their synergy was electric as they improvised together, with Mark on drums, while John skillfully layered bass, keys, and electric guitar on the foundation they built.

Inspired by Mark’s exceptional drum performance on “Agent of Change,” and aspects of Steven Slate’s playing as well, John was determined to compose and improvise around it. Hence this voyage began with John’s rhythm guitar, followed by the addition of bass, guitar, synth, trumpet, lead guitars, and finally, the ethereal sprinkling of echoey keyboard tones.

The genesis of the track’s title emerged from a heartfelt conversation between John and his wife, Irina, who recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary. Their aspiration to become beacons of kindness amidst a sea of cruelty resonated deeply and gave birth to “Islands of Kindness.” It serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to spreading compassion and positivity in a world that so desperately needs it.

At the heart of “Islands of Kindness” lies the virtuoso guitar work of Dr. John Kline. Often associated with sleek, smooth hyper-technicality, Dr. Kline’s true essence remains hidden in the shadows of recognition.

However, his insatiable drive to experiment and push boundaries distinguishes him as a maverick within the music industry. Each of his records represents a unique approach, be it collaborating with different artists, exploring unconventional instrumentation, or, as showcased in this single, discovering innovative ways to channel his boundless creativity.

But who is John Kline, Ph.D., the enigmatic force behind The Music Therapy Experiment? With an insatiable hunger for knowledge, John’s formative years were spent immersed in the realms of music and psychology.

Even after earning his Ph.D., life never granted him a moment’s respite. He traversed the country, journeying from Montana to Nebraska, Arizona to Pennsylvania, Washington to Florida, until finally finding solace in Mobile, AL, where he currently resides and practices clinical psychology.

His scholarly pursuits led him to publish numerous chapters and articles on intriguing subjects such as psychopathology and neuroscience. However, the nomadic life of an academic gypsy left him yearning for an outlet to unleash his creative spirit. And thus, The Music Therapy Experiment was born – a necessary remedy to balance the scales of his multifaceted existence.

Now we are captivated by the lush, crystalline tones and the soaring, soul-searching melodies that emanate from Dr. John Kline’s guitar. “Islands of Kindness” is not just a song; it’s a vessel that transports you to a realm where boundaries blur, and the possibilities are endless.

Immerse yourself in this transcendent musical experience, where the power of music becomes a catalyst for healing and inspiration. Let The Music Therapy Experiment guide you through uncharted territories, where kindness becomes an anchor in a turbulent world.

In a universe craving harmony and compassion, let “Islands of Kindness” be your guide. Experience the transformative power of music and join The Music Therapy Experiment on their awe-inspiring journey. Multi-instrumentalist Dr. John Kline and drummer Mark Christianson have concocted a melodic elixir, weaving together strands of rhythm and harmony to create an enchanting new single.


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